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My Affiliations Policy

My goal on these pages is to bring you top-quality information about land navigation. 

To this end, I generally have personal experience with the things I write about. This experience lets me report from a been-there, done-that perspective that I hope you find helpful. What I don't know about personally, I research meticulously, so that my information is as accurate as I know how to make it.

My aim for accuracy extends also to products I recommend and for which I provide links to where those products can be purchased.

In some cases--not all--I receive a small percentage commission when and if you purchase the service or product linked to. These commissions help defray the cost of researching, compiling, writing, formatting, and maintaining this web site.

My guiding policy here at is that I WILL NOT recommend to you any service or product that I would not recommend to my best friend. Period.

I value the confidence you place in me, and want to maintain that confidence with my honest recommendations for things I think you might find useful. Normally, I already own and use--or would like to own and use--the products that I write about on these pages.

Also, I do my best to link to places where you can purchase these products at competitive prices.

This site is based primarily on my love for the subject of navigation. I'll always do my best to include on this site only things that enhance your experience here, such as recommending products I've found to be good that I think you might like. While I can't be responsible for every action of every vendor linked to, rest assured, I'll never recommend to you any vendor I wouldn't do business with, or any product I know to be inferior.

Very Sincerely Yours,

Reid Tillery
Owner of Collingwood Publications, LLC